Synocommunity packages for SRM update 2018-05

I decided to update my Synocommunity tree and see what packages build for SRM 1.1. Turns out quite a few of them. The packages below packages are untested, so use at your own risk. I wasn’t able to post some of the larger packages here such as ffmpeg and python, as my new site host is imposing a 15 mb limit and these are bigger. If you can help with package hosting, get in touch.

borgbackup 1.1.5 for ipq806x
borgbackup 1.1.5 for northstarplus
boxbackup client 0.11.1 for ipq806x
boxbackup client 0.11.1 for northstarplus
darkstat 3.0.719 for ipq806x
darkstat 3.0.719 for northstarplus
ddrescue for ipq806x
ddrescue for northstarplus
diskutils 1.42.6 for ipq806x
diskutils 1.42.6 for northstarplus
dnscrypt proxy 2.0.10 for ipq806x
dnscrypt proxy 2.0.10 for northstarplus
dnscrypt 1.9.5 for ipq806x
dnscrypt 1.9.5 for northstarplus
fengoffice for ipq806x
fengoffice for northstarplus
gateone 20151116 for ipq806x
gateone 20151116 for northstarplus
git server 1.8.3 for ipq806x
git server 1.8.3 for northstarplus
git 2.15.1 for ipq806x
git 2.15.1 for northstarplus
haproxy 1.5.14 for ipq806x
haproxy 1.5.14 for northstarplus
homeassistant 20180519 for ipq806x
homeassistant 20180519 for northstarplus
horde 5.1.0 for ipq806x
horde 5.1.0 for northstarplus
htop 1.0.1 for ipq806x
htop 1.0.1 for northstarplus
jupp 30 for ipq806x
jupp 30 for northstarplus
links 2.12 for ipq806x
links 2.12 for northstarplus
mercurial 4.0.1 for ipq806x
mercurial 4.0.1 for northstarplus
monit 5.17.1 for ipq806x
monit 5.17.1 for northstarplus
mosquitto 1.4.14 for ipq806x
mutt 1.5.24 for ipq806x
mutt 1.5.24 for northstarplus
ncdu 1.12 for ipq806x
ncdu 1.12 for northstarplus
nzbget 20180519 for ipq806x
nzbget 20180519 for northstarplus
octoprint 20180519 for ipq806x
octoprint 20180519 for northstarplus
plowshare 2.1.2 for northstarplus
redis 3.0.5 for ipq806x
sabnzbd testing 2.3.1 for ipq806x
sabnzbd testing 2.3.1 for northstarplus
sabnzbd 2.3.3 for northstarplus
selfoss 2.13 for ipq806x
selfoss 2.13 for northstarplus
shairport sync 2.3.11 for ipq806x
shairport sync 2.3.11 for northstarplus
sslh 1.19c for ipq806x
sslh 1.19c for northstarplus
tcl 8.6.6 for ipq806x
testdisk 7.0 for ipq806x
testdisk 7.0 for northstarplus
tmux 2.3 for ipq806x
tmux 2.3 for northstarplus
transmission 2.94 for ipq806x
transmission 2.94 for northstarplus
umurmur 0.2.16 for ipq806x
umurmur 0.2.16 for northstarplus
vim 7.4 for ipq806x
vim 7.4 for northstarplus
znc 1.6.0 for ipq806x
znc 1.6.0 for northstarplus

Synocommunity packages for SRM update 2018-05